Principal Physiotherapist, Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and Director
BA (Hons) BSc (Hons) MHlthSc (Hons) APA

Recently celebrating his 50th birthday, Tim has more than 20 years experience in the public and private sector. Tim graduated from the University of East London in 1998 and founded Excel Physiotherapy and Wellness in 2013. Tim specialises in treating complex necks and backs and developing highly effective exercise programs for his patients.

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Tim has had an interesting and varied career. He studied Archaeology at the University of York and worked for six years as a professional Archaeologist at the Museum of London. He was also a tour guide at the British Museum. Deciding to switch careers, Tim worked nights for four years as a chef in London’s Covent Garden whilst attending Physio school at the University of East London.

In 2000, Tim relocated to Sydney and completed his Masters degree in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney in 2001. His thesis on back and hip pain was supervised by Dr. Jenny McConnell.

tim ellis physio Tim Ellis

Tim has since worked mainly in private practice, building up a large and loyal following of clients. He has established strong professional relationships with GP’s, Specialists, and other Allied Health Professionals.

Tim is committed to integrative health, healthy eating, exercise, and life long learning. In his sixth decade, Tim is available for public speaking engagements and continues to inspire patients of all ages and backgrounds to help push their health forwards.

Tim is currently studying to be a Pilates Reformer Trainer.

Tim’s Philosophy

“To promote good health outcomes, teamwork is essential. That starts with respecting the individual client—integrating their treatment program into their daily life to get lasting change.”

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