Sciatic pain can be debilitating, especially when combined with severe lower back pain due to congenital issues and herniated discs.

When I arrived in Tim’s room after 12 months of travel around France on sabbatical, I felt like a complete wreck and was convinced that I would need back surgery.

It wasn’t the first time that I’ve had this problem, but it was clear that this time it was becoming chronic.

After listening to my sad tale of woe, Tim took my various x-rays, CT scans, and colourful nuclear bone scans home with him to carefully peruse them. The following week, he calmed my worst fears by saying that time, rest, and good physio was all that was needed to get me back enjoying my life again.

Within a couple of weeks, I noticed a definite improvement in my lower back pain and, after 6 weeks, it had settled right down.

We are now working together, more specifically on the sciatica, a somewhat more stubborn pain. I’m feeling confident though that in the near future that too will settle.

Tim instills confidence with his calm, intelligent approach as he explains the mechanics of the problem and how to resolve it.

While his knowledge and skills are extensive, Tim also has that rare gift of intuition. I feel like I am in good hands.

Written by: Tim Ellis, Physiotherapist

Hi, I opened Excel Physiotherapy and Wellness in August 2014, after eighteen years as working as a Physio in Public Hospitals, Medical Centres and Private practices. My aim at Excel was to create a dynamic team of practitioners with a wide variety of skills. At Excel we have offer Physio, Sports Injury Management, Dry Needling, Pilates, Remedial Massage, Pilates and Yoga. Prior to working as a Physio I was an Archaeologist, having qualified from the University of York in 1988, I worked in the UK, for the Museum of London and was evena tour guide at the British Museum. I have had a very interesting career and life! I am thrilled to be managing director of a growing health business that offers long term solutions, in Sydney's expanding south eastern suburbs.

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