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Monday Lunch Time Classes at 12-1pm

In a physiotherapy practice clients may be undertaking therapy for an injury. Yoga can assist greatly with rehabilitation of not only the body but also the mind. Jemma has studied anatomy and physiology to improve her understanding of human movement, anatomical limitations, core stability, and structural alignment.

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Jemma’s yoga classes are inspiring, and not only focused on increasing strength and flexibility but bringing about balance and inner calm, incorporating the awareness of the Bandhas to create a strong and safe yoga practice.

She also studied therapeutic one-on-one, which requires a more nurturing approach that make clients feel comfortable to discuss their ailments, so they can experiment and determine the root of problems or heighten the experience.

Depending on where you are with your individual physical challenges, Jemma is able to adapt all facets of the class structure and poses offering intellectual stimulation; often with a focus on music, devotion to ones self, inclusiveness, and activism.

Whether you need mobilization, strengthening, or meditation, Jemma will guide you to deepen your awareness of embodiment. Her teachings are derived from her own life experiences and ancient yogic sources made accessible to the modern-day through playful exploration, insight, humor, and spontaneity.

jemma lane yoga pose1 Jemma Lane
Jemma’s Philosophy

“I believe that change must come from within and that the practice of yoga assists in developing a solid foundation mentally and physically as we strive for well-being and balance in our daily lives.


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jemma lane yoga pose2 Jemma Lane

Written by: Midge Rubio

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