Senior Physiotherapist
BSc (Biological Science), BSc Physiotherapy (Hons), MSc (Advanced Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy)

With over five years experience within the public sector and the private sector, Chris is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist treating a wide range of conditions, from acute injuries to complex and persistent pain presentations. Chris is also experienced in post-operative physiotherapy care, exercise prescription, and sports injuries.

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In addition to his Bachelors of Physiotherapy, he has completed a postgraduate degree in the Master of Science specialising in Advance Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy, graduating with distinction.

Chris has received the “Excellence in Clinical Practice” prize from St George’s University of London.

chris legg 4 Chris Legg

Post graduate courses completed:

  • The Shoulder: Complex but not Complicated – Adam Meakins
  • Patellofemoral Pain Uncovered – Claire Robertson
  • Lower Limb Tendinopathy – Peter Malliaras
  • The Shoulder – Jeremy Lewis
  • Practical Taping Course – Femke Nauschutz
  • Shirley Sahrmann 1 day masterclass
  • Bartold Biomechanics – Simon Bartold
  • Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine (SOMM) – Module B
  • The Athletic Shoulder – Ben Ashworth
  • Low Back Pain Seminar – HE seminar
  • Shoulder Seminar – Mike Reinold
  • Sporting Hip & Groin – James Moore
  • Problem Solving the Shoulder – Anju Jaggi
  • Practical Podiatric Biomechanics – Paul Harradine
chris legg 2 Chris Legg


Chris’ Philosophy

Chris prioritises evidence-based practice and recognises the importance of being patient centred. He actively encourages patients to participate in their management and treatment. Over the course of his career, he has developed the awareness and competence to successfully deliver a holistic, client-centred approach to treatment for patients from a wide variety of backgrounds.

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chris legg 3 Chris Legg

Written by: Midge Rubio

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