Practice Manager and Yoga Teacher
Brooke runs lunch time and evening yoga classes

Brooke comes to Excel from the corporate sales world where she worked in a high pressure, high stress environment for over 14 years.


She sought the solace of yoga to balance the damaging effects on her mind and body from such a demanding and unrelenting pace. Brooke yearned to learn more about the ancient philosophy of yoga and how it could assist in our modern fast faced society.

Brooke Bio1 Brooke Duncan

Brooke runs Monday lunch time yoga class at 12noon and evening yoga classes at 7.15pm. Brooke also runs Wednesday yoga classes at 1.15pm and in the evening at 7.15pm

Brooke Bio2 Brooke Duncan
Brooke’s Philosophy

“Yoga is a series of asana’s (posture’s) which unites the body and breath. It is a union of mind, body and spirit. Yoga is a state where nothing is missing. It is a practice of the mind. The asana is our connection to the earth. It awakens awareness and prepares us for the stillness of meditation.”


Brooke Bio3 Brooke Duncan

Written by: Loo Kim

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