About 5 years ago, I woke up one morning and my back had gone on me. (Again). I was suffering from chronic back spasms that I could not ease.

I had been working in the building industry for well over 27 years, at that time, and felt that I was at a crossroads.

I knew that I couldn’t keep working with my back the way it was. I decided that I needed surgery as no other treatment that I had received has or was working.

Somehow I stumbled along to the Darlinghurst medical centre to see a doctor to obtain a referral to an orthopaedic surgeon. The doctor wasn’t keen on the idea of me having surgery and convinced me to see a physio who was working in the building.

In the past I’d seen chiropractors, doctors and physios. Their therapies would help me for a short time but would never sustain me as the pain would always come back. I wasn’t too keen on seeing this bloke called ‘Tim’ and had no faith in his ability to help with my chronic back pain. Seeing Tim, that day, was my idea of keeping the doctor happy until he gave me what I wanted. (Which was to see a surgeon).

I thoroughly recommend Tim to anyone currently suffering from chronic pain. He knows what he is doing, he is caring and not a bad bloke either.

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Thank Christ for the doctor, because Tim knew what he was doing. As soon as he got his hands on me, my back started to feel better. I walked home, from the medical centre, with much more ease than when I walked there.

Combined with the exercises, that Tim gave me, and seeing him for the therapy, my back pain diminished pretty quickly until it had gone altogether. My back has never felt as bad as it did on that day. Occasionally it does twinge, a little, but that is usually because I haven’t done my exercises or I do something stupid. When this happens, I know how to relieve the pain and to get my body right again.

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