At Excel Physiotherapy and Wellness, we offer lunch time yoga classes in Mascot.

We welcome all levels of yoga students, from beginners to advanced students.
We will work with you to help you reap the multiple benefits of yoga that will leave you strong, flexible, and feeling zen!

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Come and enjoy a cup of herbal tea before stepping into our candlelit yoga studio for a truly unique and relaxing yoga experience. We will work together to improve your technique, flexibility, strength, and breathing. Simply relax and let Owen guide you on a journey to greater fitness.

All classes run for 60 minutes. There is a maximum of 5 students per class, which allows for an intimate class with lots of opportunity for you to address any technique corrections or areas of improvement with Jemma.

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For students wanting a truly personal yoga experience, we offer one on one yoga classes where you will have the full undivided attention of the yoga teacher to accelerate and improve your technique, flexibility, strength, and breathing.We will work with you to customise the experience and address any areas of yoga you would like to explore.

We provide yoga mats and water for our students, all you need to do is come dressed in comfortable loose clothing and get ready to improve your flexibility, strength, and breathing techniques.

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From our yoga teacher, Jemma:

“Yoga is many things to many people. The literal translation ‘union’ can describe the union between oneself and the universe, or between the body and the mind. Whatever philosophy you believe, yoga can improve physical function, restore health and general wellbeing.

“I teach traditional hatha yoga, with elements of modern Vinyasa, and shadow hatha. This style of hatha yoga is ideal for increasing strength and flexibility along with mental clarity and self-awareness. Come in and try a class to see what yoga can do for you!”


Enquire at 1300 650 510 or for one on one yoga classes in Mascot.

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