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In this sensitive area it is best to work with a dedicated and sensitive specialist who has many years experience. Aline works with mums, mums to be and with all those (male as well as female) who have experienced pain and dysfunction in the pelvic region.

Aline is extremely passionate about her work and loves helping patients and empowering them to find the best path for their health needs.

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In the privacy of our dedicated treatment room Aline will first take a detailed history. Remember: you are most welcome to bring a friend or family member. Next, with your consent, she will conduct an examination using the most up to date scientific equipment. Treatment is based on the individual client needs (remember: everyone is different, and deserves an individual approach).

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The treatment may involve hands on treatment, biofeedback and exercise prescription. Aline is also a nutrition coach, and can help you with dietary concerns and issues.

What can we treat?
  • Antenatal and postnatal pain and discomfort
  • Incontinence and altered sexual function
  • Post surgical rehabilitation (caesar and lower)
  • Lymphodema
  • Prolapse
  • Pelvic Floor and core muscle strength and condition
  • Prevention and management of diastasis
  • Breast care management
  • Pre and post surgery rehabilitation, including prostectomy
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Collaboration is Key

As with all our services, and in line with our key philosophy, collaboration is key. Aline will work with you, your family and community. Specifically we will collaborate with your GP, gynaecologist, urologist and/or community nurse.

If you are already a client of Excel Aline will work with your Physio, Massage therapist or exercise practitioner to help you achieve the best possible health and wellness outcomes. The goals is to help you get to enjoy all the things that you deserve to enjoy!

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